About My Mentor Pastor Chris

About My Mentor Pastor Chris

All you need to know about the Man who changed My life. My Pastor, My Father in Christ Jesus, My Teacher, My Mentor and My Life-coach Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc D.D.

Just incase you are wondering why all the noise about our man of God Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome PhD DSc D.D, you need to understand that we are not alone in this joyful noise. The host of heaven are partying even right now because of him. You will like to know why, right? Read on… or watch video..

Addressing Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, the Chancellor of the university, Archbishop (Dr.) M.E Benson-Idahosa remarked, "A prophet is without honor in his own home but we have decided to honor you and let the world see that you are honored even in your own home."

In remote and recent past, several tabloids and publications have made headlines on several TV stations and Newspapers around the world about Pastor Chris. But the puzzle is: the more the gossips, or the tabloids, the more undeterred and unshaken this Celestial Phantom in Human Frame is, posing a question: Who’s is Pastor Chris? Now follow me to find out some silent truths about this Apostolic wonder walking the earth as I share with you just one infallible secret about him in diverse shades. Interesting hun!

1. Pastor Chris had an early Childhood encounter with Jesus Christ and on or before the age of 15, he already began his ministry.

2. Pastor Chris found his purpose for living pretty early in life and embarked on his journey without distraction.

3. Pastor Chris Speaks in tongue more than his neighbours in faith; a deep truth learnt from Apostle Paul which has made his Journey a Smart Option.

4. Pastor Chris is Selfless and Lavishly Invests in the gospel to the tune of billions.

5. Pastor Chris is viewed as one of the Richest Men in the World, yet he lives only on 5% percent of his income whilst putting 95% of it into the gospel and projects that see to human development.

6. Pastor Chris is viewed as a very debonair man, in fact many think he is too handsome to be in human frame, yet you will cry if you ever get to see his knees because of the impact of unlimited kneeling in the place of prayer.

7. Pastor Chris is the First African Pastor to own a 24hour Gospel Satellite TV station reaching the world from Africa.

8. Pastor Chris’ operation in the revelation of God’s word, demonstration of the anointing, and Relationship with the Holy Spirit is a wonder which is uncommon in any man of God since modern history of the Church.

9. Pastor Chris became the first and only worldwide Pastor who has proven the wonder of the use of technology in running a global evangelism and ministry operation in very fascinating scope.

10. Pastor Chris premiered “Future Africa Leaders Awards” (FALA)in 2014; an honour platform to develop and challenge the new world of extraordinary Leaders for the next future of Africa, under “Chris Oyakhilome Foundation”.

11. Pastor Chris is the Owner of Kingschat; The fastest growing social media network in the world which is built with security wares that disallow profane and explicit contents.

12. In 2007, Pastor Chris made a Legendary teaching which provided a timeless insights and infallible truth about “Nationhood” beyond what Geographers and Social Scientist ever knew or thought: a lesson to the United Nations.

13. INNER CITY mission is a global mission outreach platform for indigent Children and families by Christ Embassy which provides the best welfare packages in the world to the beneficiaries at exclusive rate.

14. Pastor Chris has raised the greatest music force in the world and Christ Embassy has the largest music and creative/performing arts dynasty in the world.

15. Christ Embassy has some of the billionaires in the world as members and pastors. Some of the greatest Music Legends in the world are members and leaders in the Church also.

16. Christ Embassy is a Pacesetter Church in the whole world.

17. Pastor Chris is the greatest teacher of the Bible alive.

18. Everyone who associates with Pastor Chris becomes a huge success.

19. Christ Embassy owns one of the largest internet multimedia platform and App content factory in the world.

20. Pastor Chris is a Professor of Theology and holds a PhD in Pneumatology-a study of the Holy Spirit and other Celestial Beings.

21. Pastor Chris holds global services which are beamed live to teeming audience across 7 Continents of the World at a time through satellite and web technology. His TV stations, media contents and Multimedia platforms are some of the best in the world.

22. Pastor Chris owns multiple platforms that are amongst the biggest employers of Labour in the world. His Satellite and Cable TV channels reach over a half of the world’s population on daily basis.

23. Christ Embassy has some of the best set and stage designs in the world.

24. LCA – LoveWorld Convocation Arena is a popping edifice at the Church’s World Headquarter, built without pillars; a building that has only one of its’ kind of Africa, making it one of the wondrous Architectural Lustre in the world.

25. Pastor Chris’ Residence in his country home Nigeria is Called “White House”; a simple but uncommon eye popping structure occupying a landmark point at at highbrow neighbourhood in Lagos Nigeria.

26. Pastor chris is the author of the world best selling daily devotional rhapsody of realities translated over 800 languages of the world and still counting.



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