Good Morning Holy Spirit with revised and expanded edition

Good Morning Holy Spirit

Pastor Benny Hinn shares the insights and truths that God has taught him through the years as well as the impact they've had on those around him. Beginning with a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit.

When I wrote that book, I was just sharing my experience with the Holy Spirit. I also thank God for Katherine Kulman. Am sure she is watching now. Pastor Chris is my friend forever.

What am going to share with you, I pray will be beneficial to you. The Lord has done so much for me since I wrote Good Morning Holy Spirit. We need the message of the Holy Spirit more than ever before. Some people don’t want Him, but we want Him. When people ask me ‘who is the Holy Spirit?’, I say, He is Jesus without limit. He is Jesus limitless. When I met Him many years ago, I thought I knew Him but I didn’t. No I didn’t. My life without Him will be meaningless. I would rather be dead than be without the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Benny Hinn says; I came to Nigeria, not because I want to, I came because the Lord wanted me to. I believe Nigeria is instrumental to the changing of the world. I didn’t say that to impress you. God is going to use the churches in Nigeria to change the world. The people of Nigeria love the Lord and its very obvious. Some of the most vibrant churches in the world are Nigerian.

Not everyone will make it to heaven. I know preachers who are in hell. It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you end. There’s a sight of God that some of us have not seen, Paul has seen it. That’s why he wrote, knowing the terror of God, we persuade men. In my dream, some were not allowed to come in to heaven. When it got to my turn, the Lord was not smiling, He motioned nothing. Not a go ahead or a no. I woke up and the Scripture I woke with is ‘He that endureth to the end, same shall be saved. It was then the Lord said to me, ‘am watching you, don’t blow it.’

The miracles that Jesus did in the Bible days didn’t change anyone. Yes, that’s the reason even after his death, some said, we thought He was the Son of God. Why didn’t their life change? The Holy Spirit wasn’t there. Without the Holy Spirit, Jesus is not enough. Without the Holy Spirit many years ago, even with all the miracles, no one was changed.

Jesus is the revelation of all God is. God reveals himself to us through Jesus. Jesus is the doer in the God head. God doesn’t live, we live, God is life. God does not exist, he is existence. He does not live in eternity, he is eternity. Eternity lives in Him. God doesn’t have love. He is love. Jesus is love. God is mercy. He is everything you need. If you are lost, He is the way. If you don’t know the truth, He is truth. Truth is a person. His name is Jesus. He is the reason my skin is still on my body. When Jesus was on the cross, the cross wasn’t holding Him, He was holding the cross. When He walked on water, the water wasn’t holding Him, He was holding the water. Don’t you remember, He is the I am that I am. In Him all things consist.

Who made Jesus all these. He turned Jesus into a seed? The Holy Spirit. If He did all these with Jesus, think more about what He can do with your life. The blood of Jesus didn’t come from Mary nor Joseph, No. There is no such thing as immaculate conception. Mary was not without sin, Mary called her very son ‘her saviour’. She was a sinner like you and I. The blood of Jesus came from the Holy Spirit. The body of Jesus didn’t come from the dust, it would have returned to the dust if it did.

Adam didn’t come to this world a baby, he came a full grown man. Jesus was first made a seed. He wanted to experience us in every way possible. He is in heaven now. That’s why if you go through anything in this world, Jesus says, Father, I know what he is going through, quickly help him.

Jesus shed his blood 7 times.

The first was at Gathsame when sweat came out of him like great drops of blood. His blood was shed in the house of Kaifas. That was the second. The third was when he was crowned with thorns. The forth was when the Roman soldier beat him with those Romans whips, those whips literally tore His skin apart. His bones were exposed. The fifth time was when He was nailed on His hands to the cross . Sixth, was when He was nailed on his legs. Seventh was when spare was thrust in His sides.

The blood of Jesus was shed in more than one spot. Jesus went to heaven with His blood, but on the cross no blood was in Him. Where did He get blood from? Only the Holy Spirit could have picked every drop of His blood that was shed.

There is no way Jesus could have bored the pain of the cross if not for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit kept Jesus alive without blood. On that cross, the Holy Spirit left Jesus. Jesus did not defeat Satan with the power of the Holy Spirit. No, He did that with perfection. When there is no sin in you, Satan can’t hold you.

One of these days, your body will not live by blood. The Holy Spirit will keep it alive. Jesus, when He came out of the grave told Mary, don’t touch me. But in the evening He told Thomas, touch me. What happened in the afternoon? He went to heaven with His blood.

We are here today because the blood was accepted. He asked the Father for one more thing after the blood was accepted, that the one who helped Him come to help us. And the father said, with all my heart. If Jesus needed Him, how can you not need Him? If you want Him to help you, welcome Him. Welcome Him into your life, in  to your family, into your church. Do it today!

Good Morning Holy Spirit
Good Morning Holy Spirit
Good Morning Holy Spirit revised and extended version
Good Morning Holy Spirit with Revised And Expanded Edition.


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